Starscapes - Matt Walker
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Above It All

Above It All

Here is a shot of the Milky Way high above the fog in Los Padres National Forest Big Sur.
It's officially Milky Way season, and I was camping down in Big Sur with a bunch of friends this weekend. There was a really strong marine layer most of the time, but a friend and I would drive above the fog for sunsets, sunrises, and for night shots.
This shot is the result of a setting moon casting light on the fog while shooting the Milky Way in an easterly direction. The fog level was a lot higher than when we shot sunset several hours prior. It took us 45 minutes driving straight up on a dirt road to clear the fog. Driving in 4 wheel drive low on a rutted dirt road in pure fog at 3 a.m. was a little dicey at times. Once we cleared the fog, and set up our gear, we often had to walk to higher ground to avoid getting fogged out.
It was a great experience, and I'm pretty happy with my first 2014 Milky Way shot.

Thanks for looking!

Zeiss 21mm @ ISO2000 @ F/2.8 @ 30 seconds

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