Starscapes - Matt Walker
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Deck to Enlightenment

Deck to Enlightenment

This is the first post with my new 15 mm Zeiss. Finally! I have had the lens since the holidays, and I have been skunked the last 10 times while using it. Everyone was telling me that the lens was cursed, and people didn't want to shoot with me if I was going to bring it. My new lens was the scapegoat for all the bad sunrises and sunsets. Today I am happy to report the curse has been lifted, and I have even captured some bomber sunrises/sunsets with it.

OK about the photo:
This shot was taken last weekend with a good friend of mine, Steve, who shares a passion for long exposures. It was a really fun shoot, and my arms were noodles from exhaustion. I was able to capture the beams on the lighthouse by leaving my shutter open with a ski cap covering the lens. I would follow one light beam, and line it up with a star in the sky. Every time that light beam crossed paths with the star, I lifted the ski cap off exposing the light. I would do this for 5 minutes lifting the ski cap off roughly every 10 seconds. I literally burned the solitary light beams onto the sensor. After experimenting all night, I found that F/4 at ISO 2000 for 5 minutes was the winning combo.
I then made a separate exposure for the the foreground/lighthouse at F/4, ISO 100 for 8 minutes. The light source from the tower provided lots of light to expose the deck and railings.

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