Starscapes - Matt Walker
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Friday Night Lights

Friday Night Lights

I finally scored some cloudless skies along the coast. Third time is a charm. The forecast was for clear skies, so I drove over to the coast arriving at 2 a.m. After setting up my gear, and taking a few shots I realized it was not exactly clear skies. There were ultra thin clouds in the upper atmosphere that I could not see with my eyes. There was only a two minute window during the shoot that gave me clear skies, so here it is. There were an amazing amount of shooting stars on this shoot, so I blended a few of them in.
The best part after the shoot was a really nice sunrise, and then walking across the street to Davenport Bakery, and getting a quad americano, and turkey and cheese croissant fresh out of the oven!

Nikon 14-24mm
Stars shot @ F/3.2 @ ISO 1600 @ 41 seconds
Foreground shot @ F/5.6 @ ISO 320 @ 332 seconds
Something I learned from this shoot:
The Nikon 14-24mm is an amazing lens for capturing the stars, but if you don't hold your hand on the zoom ring while wiping moisture, you end up moving the zoom in.
While reviewing my shots on the shoot, I saw that my images were changing perspective, and I realized I was pushing the glass in while wiping. A zoom lock would be a great addition to this lens.
Since this shot, I have sold my 14-24mm and shoot with the 15mm Zeiss.
I also learned that with full frame cameras you can divide 500 by your mm length, potentially allowing you more than 30 seconds to shoot the stars. 500 divided by 14mm gives you 35.7 seconds. I used this information to lower my ISO and go up to F/3.2. Sharper image and lower noise

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