Starscapes - Matt Walker
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Big Sur Stargate

Big Sur Stargate

This was my second night shooting the stars along the Big Sur coast. I almost called it quits due to the howling winds, but found a few boulders that blocked the wind enough to allow me to shoot. It was crystal clear for the first few minutes of shooting, but once again some crazy thin clouds began streaming in. In my opinion the clouds add a surreal feeling to this Pfeiffer Beach Milky Way shot. I felt very fortunate to have some fairly clear skies along a typically foggy coastline during this time of the year. There was a low fog bank, which you ca see, lingering off shore the entire night, but it never came in.
On this shoot I was alone, and in awe as the Milky Way lined up over the iconic Pfeiffer Beach rock. Myself, being a sci-fi geek, couldn’t help but imagine the cave being a portal to the universe during the moment of the celestial alignment; just step through the keyhole, and you are traveling through a wormhole to another part of our galaxy.
I was hoping that the clouds would stay for sunrise, but they cleared about five minutes before burn time. Funny how that often seems to happen.
I'm leaving the white balance on the cool side out of personal preference.

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