Golden Gate Bridge - Matt Walker
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Deck of Diamonds

Deck of Diamonds

Back on November 8th we had some fickle low fog. I was here at Battery Spencer with Andrew Louie before twilight, and we scored some nice deck level low fog. As the morning progressed the fog on western side of the bridge disappeared leaving the bay side filled with fog. It was as if the Golden Gate Bridge had trapped the fog inside the bay. Soon the winds switch again, and the fog reversed direction backing out towards the ocean. This shot somehow captured the perfect moment of the fog moving back out to sea producing this strange effect on the lights. When I looked at the thumbnails from the shoot I assumed the camera had moved creating this effect, and I was about to delete it when I noticed the bridge was in focus. The morning ended up being a success for all of us. It was really nice shooting along side Andrew, Nick, Willie
, and Alan on this morning.

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