Golden Gate Bridge - Matt Walker
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November's End

November's End

This was the scene on the last morning of November 2013. I had no idea that these extraordinary conditions were happening when I decided to head up for a "potential" low fog event. I knew there was fog off the coast the night before, but when I looked at the LHS cam at 3:15 a.m. it was obscured by fog. Sometimes the fog backs up into the East Bay giving the impression of high fog, and for a few reasons I didn't trust the webcam.
I texted Yan, "Im rolling the dice, and heading up." She texted back, "O.K. I'm going too"
I couldn't believe my eyes while driving across the bridge. The combination of the moon, high clouds, and deck level fog was something I had never seen before. For me, this was a really special event.

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