California Coast - Matt Walker
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Crazy Cloud

Crazy Cloud

This is a followup shot later in the evening from a previous post "Ocean Motion" here
I've spent the past few days going through last year's photo shoots, and ended up with 15 shots that are now in my "Ready for Flickr" folder. I will probably only post a few of those as I try to keep things current.
2013 was a great year for me with photography, and making a bunch of new friends through Flickr. I look forward to more of the same in 2014!
This was one of my most memorable sunsets of 2013 with this crazy cloud burning off the coast at 4 Mile Beach. I was so wet after this shoot, and didn't have an extra set of clothes. From the shoot,I had to hurry and pick up my son from a school dance. I drove an hour in wet underwear and just waited in the parking lot. Good times!

Thanks so much for looking!

21mm @ F/16 @1/2 second @ISO 100

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