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Big Sur State of Mind

Big Sur State of Mind

Sometimes it’s the journey, not the destination.
Big Sur is a special place for me. I was fifteen years old when I first went there with four good friends in high school. It was in October of 1982 when my friend, Mark, had just received his driver’s license in the mail, and we all piled our surfboards on top of his 1976 International Scout. We drove there for the weekend, on a whim, with very little food, and a goal to find our own secret surf spot. It was a classic surf trip that only teenagers could have had.
That was the beginning of my love affair with Big Sur. I have had many fun adventures, and some not so fun, in the last thirty years.
Big Sur has powerful energy, a Spirit. A sense of peace can fill your soul, or for some, it can be an uncomfortable experience. I know people who get anxious, and uncomfortable down there. It can be cold, windy, and can feel dreary on many days.
For me, I almost always get a peaceful, happy feeling when I’m there, and this time was no different.
As soon as I drove past Carmel heading south, I could feel my mood improving. The further I drove, the better I felt.
The waves were huge crashing into the jagged rocks. Huge plumes of whitewater sprayed high into the blue sky. The air temp was a warm 65 degrees, and the sun shined bright. The mountain range had also turned green from this winter’s rains.

I saw more than a few couples embracing each other on the edge of the sheer cliffs. Other people were taking pictures with their families in front of Bixby Bridge. Everyone one along the side of Highway 1 seemed to be smiling. As I drove further, I caught myself laughing about different events that had happened with friends, old girlfriends, and family trips. The memories I have gathered over the years from Big Sur made me appreciate the life I’ve had, and the one I have today. It was good to be driving in the car with great memories, and it was good to be driving down the coast with a new set of eyes focused on photography. I was just stoked!

When I arrived at Pfeiffer Beach, the mood was no different. There were about ten photographers lined up in front of the famous rock chatting, and laughing. People were polite, and courteous. It was a good vibe!
Pfeiffer Beach delivered “the goods” on this day with sun, waves, and a big misty-orange sunbeam. I was so happy to be there, words cannot express. It was exactly what I needed after the frenzied holiday season.

I was truly in a Big Sur state of mind.
I encourage you to go to Big Sur with your friends, your family, or your partner, and enjoy this amazing place.

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